• Who
    We Are

  • Heavenly Technologies Inc. vision is to achieve better-informed decisions by individuals and organisations in technology-related issues. This will provide a better integration of Technology into the business, knowledge and technological innovation into policies, programmes and projects intended to achieve sustainable development at all levels of society.

    Our core business is providing technology support, consulting and developing smart business practices for our clients.

    Technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives. This is evident from communicating with business partners, family and friends, while enjoying the latest entertainment options, to excelling in the workplace. Heavenly Technologies Inc. makes it easier for people to make informed decisions about the products and services that encompass their organization and personal lives. We believe that how a product looks along with how it is used, is often just as important as what it does.

  • As Technology brings the world together, at Heavenly Technologies Inc. Technology is ancillary to its role in our daily lives. Whether it is Hardware or Software; at the end of the day ‘experiences’, personal and/or shared, dictate the level of success you and your organization will achieve. We have chosen not to funnel Heavenly Technologies Inc. into a single “technology” silo. This has allowed us to manoeuvre freely within the technology industry – enabling appeal to a wide variety of enthusiasts who use technology for professional and/or personal endeavours.